E-Bulletins / Issue  11
Sami Erol - Preface

Happy May 19, the Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day
7th anniversary enthusiasm in Techno Aktaş

Techno Aktaş which Aktaş Holding performs the air suspension bellows and EPDM insulation membrane productions and which has started producing in May 19th 2008 celebrated her 7th foundation anniversary with great enthusiasm.
Aktas Holding obtained information about the Investment Opportunities in the city of Kansas of the US.

Aktas Holding participated in the conference which was organized by the Association of Automotive Parts & Components Manufacturers (TAYSAD) to address the investment opportunities for the city of Kansas of the United States.
Sami Erol evaluated the economy in the Olay TV screens

Sami Erol, chief executive officer and member of the board of directors of the Aktaş Holding, made important statements related with the last situation in the world economy and current developments in the global markets in the Eko Dinamik show, broadcasted in Olay TV and prepared and hosted by Feridun Eyüpoğlu.
Sami Erol participated in the

Sami Erol, chief executive officer and member of the board of directors of the Aktaş Holding, participated in the seminar organized related with the "on the job training program" which was started by ISKUR for the participation of the unemployed to the employment and where net minimum wage payment will be made monthly to the ones who participated in the program and had the opportunity to listen the details of the project which is expected to support the participation of the unemployed ones to the employment.
Aktaş Holding participated in the human resources summit 13

Aktaş Holding participated in the human resources summit, the 13th of which was organized this year by the South Marmara Branch of Turkish Human Management Society (PERYON) and new human resources process, importance, today and future of human management are brought into forward, with the theme of "humanly".
May 31, world no tobacco day

Aktaş Education Foundation became the sound of unhindered hearts

Aktaş Education Foundation gave a sincere sound by supporting the "audio book" project, started by the visually impaired technology and education laboratory (GETEM) of Bosporus University and easing the unlimited access of the individuals with visual impair to written information sources.
A meaningful Behavior from Aktas Holding Blue-Collar Personnel

The blue-collar employees of Aktas Holding put their signature under an extremely meaningful activity to meet the basic requirements of Emrullah Tunali Nursery School where the girls, each of whom is at the age of 10-13, accommodate in Istanbul together with Uludag University Oncology Hospital with the social responsibility organization performed by them among themselves.

Aktaş Holding, while signing new organizations every year because of the "mothers'day", the photographs taken by the Aktaş mothers with their children in their social media accounts were copied without informing the mothers, turned into a frame and gifted to them in the mothers’ day.
Work Health and Safety Week

A brand of Aktaş family
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