Energy Conservation Week - Celebration

In this new world order where consumption habits and needs undergo changes with every passing day, avoiding waste in production and consumption, practicing proper methods of use, and creating the necessary awareness as an individual and/or as a society concerning any activity that may hinder social and societal prosperity are among our fundamental duties and responsibilities.

Especially as the energy resources are dwindling worldwide, and therefore world governments, one by one, are obligated to  seek new energy resources, our nation, a role model concerning conservation and preventing wastefulness for the whole world for centuries, without a doubt demonstrates the necessary sensitivity for the proper use of energy that is a very important aspect regarding the future of the world as well as more immediately, our own country.

The need for energy of course has a very big role in people's daily lives. The irresponsible use of this important necessity will cause many negative consequences concerning the future of the whole humankind.

In addition to celebrating the second week of every January each year as 'Energy Conservation Week' with the goal of using only what is necessary and doing so conscientiously when it comes to energy, various activities and events are organized for being able to use this valuable essentiality with the necessary awareness and in the most proper and efficient way.

The most important point in this regard is decreasing unnecessary energy consumption and waste to the best of our ability. For this reason, we should practice what we learn during 'Energy Conservation Week' during our all our lives, and also invite others around us to put this valuable information to practice in their daily lives.

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