January 10 - Working Journalists Day

In our country, the date 10 January 1961 when the social and economic rights of journalists have been recognized according to Law number 212, has become a pivotal point in Turkish history for the hard-working journalists who with the utmost devotion and relentlessly work for the public's right to freedom of information,  a cornerstone of democracy and fundamental human rights.

The members of the press who strain every nerve to inform the public of accurate information rapidly, objectively and in full, not only profess their occupational duties but have the valuable mission of being the voice of conscience of the nation.

One of the most prominent qualities of a constitutional state, the free press operates in some cases despite dangers to themselves, evaluates personal and national events in a healthy manner and synthesizes them from the perspective of a journalist for communicating the most accurate information to the public.

It should be an aspiration and the responsibility of all of us, for journalists to have improved personal rights, be regarded in the high manner they deserve, to have safe, free, independent and comfortable working conditions while performing their valued duties.

Therefore, as the Aktaş Holding family, we celebrate the January 10 Working Journalists Day and salute all the hard-working journalists trying to ensure the public’s freedom of access to information, and wish a healthy, successfull and fulfilling career to all our journalist friends.

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