File Subject: Protection and Promotion of Environmental Values

Around the world, increased environmental pollution due to various reasons and devastation of the ecological balance force governments to take the necessary steps in regards to the environment. In this light, the proper storing of wastes resulting from manufacturing processes and implementation of the necessary waste disposal management practices become crucial.

Energy efficiency, resource and waste management, recycling and sustainable environmental practices demand attention as important subjects independent of economical gains for corporate businesses undertaking progressive practices and planning for the future.

As part of efficiency-based efforts, the companies that place due importance on the protection and promotion of the nature and green-living, and value green energy and sustainable energy sources, as a result of expansion of brand recognition and social responsibility worldwide, stand out among the competition.

The increasing importance of using clean water sources and non-renewable resources of energy efficiently because of population increase and climate change, fostering the natural environment while protecting it, and the principle of leaving a cleaner and livable environment to the next generation should be an essential matter to pay close attention to, not just for businesses but for the whole humankind.

In this regard, everyone should do their part and demonstrate the necessary sensitivity to the matter of leaving a improved quality of life and a greener environment to our tomorrows.

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