Bursa Governor Karaloğlu:

Bursa Governor Münir Karaloğlu attended the grand-opening of Aktaş Holding's new production facilities, and in addition to saying that the new facilities will add great value to Bursa and our country, he sincerely congratulated Aktaş Holding for this important investment serving our country's goals for growth.


Karaloğlu spoke at the opening ceremony, and said that Aktaş Holding is a global firm ensuring that the Turkish flag waves higher and with pride, by working hard and providing employment not only in Bursa and Turkey but worldwide.


"These Facilities Will Add Tremendous Value Both To Bursa And To Our Country"


Karaloğlu made many laudatory comments about Aktaş Holding's new manufacturing plant equipped with the latest technology, and continued his speech by saying: "I sincerely congratulate first Şahap Aktaş, and all of the rest of Aktaş Holding employees for this new plant equipped with the latest technology. There are many significant incentives available for R&D, design and brand investment in accordance with our country's growth goals. In order for realizing these goals, Aktaş Holding works tirelessly with investments that will carry our country forward, and makes us proud. For this, I whole-heartedly congratulate Aktaş Holding. I believe that these facilities will add tremendous value both to Bursa and to our country."

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