Sami Erol - Preface

Dear valued friends,


In today's world, not just for our country but for all societies around the world, one of the first and foremost topics concerning any society's future is the conditions of living depending on the quality and sustainability of its environment.


Manufacturing and production-oriented corporate enterprises, no matter how large or a small scale they operate in, also need to make an effort to preserve and improve the environment they are in; to think not only about today but also about the future.


As a company with many success stories and spoken of highly all around the world thanks to its high quality and manufacturing infrastructure built on satisfaction, Aktaş Holding fulfills its responsibilities to the nature and green living during all our production and organization processes. We act with a wholesome approach for this important issue, and continue our work in this direction with the imperatives of being a global company.


In our production approach, which places efficiency on its foundation, we continue our utmost efforts to preserve and foster nature and the environment we are responsible for just like the rest of humankind, for it to be left in even better condition to the next generations. We are proud to be one of the  exemplary establishments of our sector as well as our country with our continuing efforts in this area.


Furthermore, Aktaş Eğitim Vakfı (Aktaş Educational Foundation) within the Aktaş Holding enterprise, which aspires to add tremendous value to society, was founded with the goal of realizing nature-compatible and sustainable social responsibility projects, and to this day has been successful in taking steps to better societal as well as environmental causes.


From the past to present, as a global company, Aktaş Holding has acted honorably and fully aware of its responsibilities to the sector it serves, the society, the environment and the humankind it operates within. With steps taken in this noble direction, Aktaş Holding has proven its value in any region it operates in, and continues on its journey as an exemplary company with the excitement of a first day.


Respectfully with warm regards,



Aktaş Holding Chief Executive Officer and Executive Board Member

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