Aktas Education Foundation Grant Applications are ongoing

The unconditional support of Aktas Education Foundation, which was established in order to realize the corporate social liability projects which contribute value to the society, which are compatible with nature and which are sustainable, to the young geniuses is ongoing.


The opportunity of grant which has been provided to hundreds of students so far today for the young generations who are successful in the educational life and who need financial support by Aktas Education Foundation which carries on its active support to the students who are our positive future since the day when it established progresses in the same direction also within this year.


The students also show great interest to the grants which are carried on so as to cover the undergraduates in the technical departments by Aktas Education Foundation.


Students are our future


The Board Chairman of Aktas Education Foundation Ilknur Aktas who expressed the satisfaction that she feels due to the interest which has been shown by the students to the grants of Aktas Education Foundation so far today stated that they, as Aktas Education Foundation, will continue to look after the students who are our future while underlining that the grants which were started in order to create an equality of opportunity in education and to create social benefit will continue pertinaciously.


Online Application Opportunity


On the other hand, Aktas Education Foundation can follow up the grant directive and make the grant applications over the website www.aktasholding.com for the detailed information regarding the grant support provided by Aktas Education Foundation to the students.


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