Aktas Holding is preparing the

Aktas Holding which provides great support to the youth who are our positive future whenever possible by making investment in education and students, company puts its signature under significant studies for preparing the youth to the business life and contributing to the employment of our country as well.


Aktas Holding adopted as a principle to provide unconditional support to the students and youth including the students who continue their educational life into the internship programme during the summer season by starting with the motto “We are preparing the Apprentices to the Business Life”, 26 students who will take part in every department of the company will get a chance to closely know Aktas Holding by being adapted to the business world between June – September.


The trainees who will do internship at every stage of the company within the body of Aktas Holding between June-September are subjected to 2-day orientation process firstly and then start to work in the relevant departments.


Every Section of the Society Has Major Responsibilities


The Chief Executive Officer and Board Member of Aktas Holding Samir Erol underlined that everyone should assume responsibility for bringing the qualified individuals having high competency into the society and business life by attracting the attention to the importance of the occupational education, stated that they pay strict attention to provide the opportunity of employment for the apprentices by reminding that they, as Aktas Holding, hosted the young apprentices within the body of the company during the period.


Erol who underlined that they, as Aktas Holding, have such a structure that is becoming integrated with the society expressed that they will continue to provide the opportunity of value added to the future of our country by implementing the apprentice employment which closely concerns our future with the same seriousness while fulfilling all requirements of being a global company.

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