Aktas Holding which has been carrying on its unconditional support to the students through cooperation with various educational and training institutions since the day when it was established, for this time, realized a brand new project for the youth who are newly graduated from the department which they attended within the scope of the study that it carries out with ISKUR.


Accordingly, Aktas Holding has recently started the ‘Newly Graduated’ project which is of high importance in terms of the future of  the youth for the individuals who are newly graduated from their schools and who are preparing to go out to work to gain business experience and recognize their abilities.


Within the framework of the cooperation with ISKUR, in the programme which started on 18 July 2016, in the first place 5 newly graduates will have the opportunity both to closely know Aktas Holding and discover their abilities by working in the SPA, R&D, production and planning departments of Aktas Holding within the scope of the 6-month programme.


Our support for the youth will continue


The Chief Executive Officer and Board Member of Aktas Holding Sami Erol who stated that they, as Aktas Holding, attach great importance to the “Newly Graduated” project which is conducted with ISKUR, pointed out that they will continue to use their reasonable efforts to provide unconditional support to education and the youth who are our future and stated that we have to protect our youth in terms of the future of our country. Erol who underlined that they will continue this type of projects in the progressive aspects wished success to all youth who started to the programme within the body of Aktas Holding.

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