Sami Erol Preface

Value attached to the Business Ethics by Aktas Holding

My Estimable Friends,

Although the particular importance is given to commercial and economical concerns in all activities performed in terms of the corporate enterprises, when we consider the process integrally, the enterprise has certain responsibilities also against its employees, customers, business partners, competitors in the market and the society where it lives, depending on the laws in the country where it is located in and the universal rules of law.

In the new world order where the competition environment in the markets is increasing and becoming difficult with each passing day, for the companies not to lose the trust and reputation that they revealed before all of their stakeholders within the framework of the norms at the national or international level by acting with the sense of trueness and honesty is among the prior factors in terms of their future.

Aktas Holding, which continue determinedly its future journey by supporting its responsibility for becoming one of the global actors of the sector in which it operates with the approaches which are integral and sustainable, gave particular importance to the honesty and trust and attached great importance to the business principles and business ethics in all of its relations with its stakeholders either in the company or out of the company.

Paying attention to fulfill all requirements of the institutionalization at maximum level, we, as Aktas Holding, determine the protection and development of the integrity of values in our relations with our stakeholders as target for us not only for today, but also for the future while we always give particular importance to   the successes having sustainability.

On the other hand, we believe the quality that we reveal in our products and services has became perfect thanks to the competence and quality of our employees and we endeavor to fulfill all principles under the roof of ‘value creation’ with the accurate and effective communication that we establish with our customers across the world.

At this point, each member of Aktas Holding will carry on working determinedly in order to contribute to the reputation that ‘Aktas’ brand has in the future as so far today by acting with superior code of conduct, in a systematical manner and in compliance with the principle of efficiency.



Chief Executive Officer and Board Member of Aktas Holding

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