Aktaş Holding Hosted the 80th Anniversary of Meeting of Share

Aktaş Holding hosted an important organization for its 80th anniversary.

Being the pioneer of development and innovations in the sector since its establishment, Aktaş Holding organized a Meeting of Share for the 80th anniversary, in which both past achievements and future goals were discussed in detail.

In the event held on 25.04.2018 at the production facilities in Bursa Organized Industrial Zone; the representatives of stakeholder organizations such as TAYSAD, RUMELİSİAD, BOSB, OİB / UİB, BOSİAD, BUSİAD, KalDer and Yıldırım Rotary and press members of Bursa took place.

During the day-long program, press members welcomed first and then journalists visited the site after a presentation film prepared for the 80th anniversary of Aktaş Holding and a breakfast held afterwards.

Targets shared

In the meeting where the Honorary Board Chairman Şahap Aktaş and the Board Member and the Chief Executive Officer of the Board of Directors Sami Erol participated on behalf of Aktaş Holding, the journalists were informed about the past and future goals of Aktaş Holding.

Following the program organized with the journalists, Aktaş Holding, which welcomed stakeholder NGO representatives in the factory, also conveyed the company's success story and future goals to the NGO representatives after the 80th anniversary presentation film.

While Aktaş Holding Board of Directors was attending in the event with full staff, field visits were organized to representatives of NGOs after efficient sharing.

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