Preface: Aktaş Holding Sustaining its Studies Centered on Occupational Health and Safety

Dear Aktaş Holding stakeholders;

In today's world, one of the most important issues in terms of companies is related to occupational health and safety measures and practices.

As a matter of fact, while the commercial continuity of the workplaces is mentioned, the safety of the employees at work and the protection of their health are the most important factors to be considered for the companies.

The main objective of occupational health and safety studies is to reduce the possibility of the occurrence of work-related accidents in the work environment, to prevent the health problems that may be caused by the working environment and to take precautionary measures in the jobs that can create occupational diseases.

The significance of occupational health and safety, a multidisciplinary science branch, is increasing day by day.

Besides, it is obvious that we are always in position to experience danger in daily life.

Therefore, considering the working conditions in the workplace, it is closer to encountering any danger, so taking the necessary precautions in advance and increasing our awareness about occupational health and safety should be our most fundamental task.

At this point, as Aktaş Holding, we are trying to provide the best conditions for our employees so that our employees can perform their jobs in a healthy environment at work and be happy in the working environment.

We continue to work with the aim of contributing to employee satisfaction as well as business efficiency by ensuring the safety of the working environment and keeping the health of our employees on the front line.

We have been striving to raise awareness of occupational health and safety among all employees, especially in the framework of trainings organized in certain periods.

With this consciousness, we will continue to act diligently to ensure that we comply fully with all legal and other requirements relating to occupational health and safety, and to continually improve our occupational health and safety awareness.


Best Regards,


Aktaş Holding Board Member

Chief Executive Officer

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