Aktas Holding Hosted Mainstream Media Representatives in Bulgaria

Aktas Holding, which is one of the biggest players of the world in its sector, continues to undersign different activities in its locations in our country and in the world on the occasion of its 80th anniversary.

In this context, Aktas Holding hosted important representatives of the mainstream media of our country in Techno Aktas factory in Bulgaria.

In the program held on December 14-16, journalists closely examined the production facilities of Techno Aktas, which was established in Plovdiv in Bulgaria in 2008 and has provided significant added value to the region's economy since the first day.

In the program organized for 10th anniversary of Techno Aktas, the Honorary President of Aktas Holding Sahap Aktas and Aktas Holding Chief Executive Officer Iskender Ulusay took part in the program.

The activities such as speech sharing, question-answer and factory tour took place as a very productive event for all participants, after the visits, Aktas Holding and Techno Aktas took a great part in the mainstream media.

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