Aktas Holding's Future Projection is Drawn

Aktas Holding continues its journey with common mind in line with its growth targets at global level.

In the Vision-Mission Meeting held by Aktas Holding with the participation of all managers in the Bursa factory, the company's global goals and future vision about the New Year were clearly revealed.

At the meeting, which was held on January 4, Otantik Club Hotel hosted the entire day-long organization while the company's current status, forward-looking targets, threats and opportunities awaiting the company were discussed.

In the vision, mission and strategy workshop, which was held in the workshop concept and moderated by Onda Training Consultancy, the executives spoke about the moves that can be made at the point of delivering the company to its future goals while brainstorming.

Success will come with common mind and work

Aktaş Holding Chief Executive Officer Iskender Ulusay, who took the floor in the organization, reminded that Aktas Holding has been one of the leading brands in the sector since the day it was founded and reminded the importance of making the success sustainable.

Stating that responsibilities are on the shoulder of everyone for the sake of transferring the company to the future, Ulusay said that the success will come with the common mind and work and expressed confidence in all employees on this issue.

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