Preface: Aktas Holding On Its Way to Global Leadership With Competent Individuals

Dear Aktas Holding shareholder,

First of all, I would like to celebrate your new year with the most sincere feelings and wish that 2019 will bring success, health and happiness for everyone.

In the first e-bulletin of the New Year, I would like to talk about the contributions of competent individuals in the companies to the firm.

As is known, there is intense competition in every field in the 21st century. In this competition, 'the ability to create a difference' is very important for individuals and organizations.

At the point of making a difference, factors such as the competence, vision, innovation and openness to development, responsibility, strong communication direction and value creation are determinant.

As such, the level of competence of the human resources, as well as the sectoral knowledge and experience, especially when we look for businesses, is also of great importance on the road to success.

Acting with this move, our company has invested in accurate and qualified human resources since the first day, and continues to move forward with its steps on its future journey by blending its long years of production experience and forward-looking big targets with the power it gets from its employees' vision and talents.

As Aktas Holding, we take the continuous development of the human resources that we see as our ‘most valuable resource’ and we take care to carry out this development with our company targets simultaneously.

Because we know that success is a work of team and motivation. The success of each member in this team is undoubtedly affecting the success of the company.

With this awareness, Aktas Holding continues to invest in the right human resources in the future, and our main goal is to move steadily towards our global goals…


Best Regards,

Iskender ULUSAY

Aktas Holding Chief Executive Officer

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