Preface- Aktaş Holding Continues To Grow With The Principle Of Absolute Customer Satisfaction

Hi everyone,

As you all know, we are faced with very rapidly changing market conditions and intense competition in almost every field.

Especially in this global competitive environment, it is almost imperative to introduce continuous innovations to ensure customer satisfaction for companies.

At this point, when we consider the automotive sector we are active, it is very important to manage customer relations rationally in our sector and to respond quickly to expectations in terms of sustainability in the market.

Therefore, I think that the success of customer relationship management practices for companies is one of the important indicators that reflect the success of the company directly in the market.

As such, it is necessary to draw the necessary strategies and roadmaps for the firms to be customer-oriented.

Because determining strategies regarding customer satisfaction is one of the guiding factors in making customer satisfaction sustainable besides meeting customer expectations.

At this point, our company, which has prioritized creating value for its customers and stakeholders since its inception, owes its current success to the structure prioritizing the values it has built step by step in the last 80 years.

And among these values, there is an understanding that prioritizes unconditional satisfaction for our customers, never compromises on the innovative approach, based on continuous development and growth...

In this context, Aktaş Holding will continue to produce value for its customers around the world and to be the pioneer of innovations in the sector as it has been since the first day.

Best regards,

İskender ULUSAY

Aktaş Holding Chief Executive Officer

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