Gökçem Tokay Touches on Digital Transformation Efforts of Aktaş Holding

Aktaş Holding continues to contribute to various organizations that take place online in the Covid-19 process.

Gökçem Tokay, our Information Technologies Manager, attended the "Central Anatolia Meetings 2020" event organized online by Bursa BTvizyon as a panelist.

She shares company's digital transformation efforts

In the session titled "Last Two Steps in Digital Transformation", Tokay gave information about Aktaş Holding's digital transformation efforts and evaluated the company's experience in digital transformation and the effects of the pandemic on digital transformation efforts.

As a matter of fact, such meetings serve as ideal settings where institutions can share their future visions, technological solutions and innovations with their target audience on a regional basis.

The most important aim of the event is to bring together the institutions under the same roof in a digital setting, to help them come together with their regional target audiences and to ensure that the participants can obtain the most up-to-date information from the meeting.

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