Preface: We Will Continue To Be The Pioneer Of Innovations And Change

Hello anyone,

The whole world is going through an intense and difficult period. This process we have been experiencing has once again reminded us all that we must be prepared for everything at any time.

The pandemic has changed the current dynamics of the business world in many ways, as well as everyone's social life.

It has now become more important for companies to adapt to the pace of change and to be agile to changing demands / situations.

We can say that this process we have been experiencing brought both threats and opportunities for everyone. However, this period, which we call the new normal, must never be underestimated. Because companies that cannot renew themselves and cannot adapt to change will face the danger of lagging behind in competition or even extinction in the new normal.

Therefore, we are at a time when those who keep up with the change will make a difference. With this awareness, as Aktaş Holding, we always take our steps focused on the future and try to catch up with the pace of change in the best way.

Since the day we were founded, we have been acting with the vision of always being the pioneer of innovations in the sector and we will try to respond to the expectations of the sector and the future in the best and effective manner with the same vision and belief in the new normal.

The foundations of Aktaş were laid with this vision. In the light of this vision, our aim is to carry our company to the future in the best possible way and to take the Aktaş brand to the point it deserves on a global scale.

I wish you all a healthy day,

İskender ULUSAY

Aktaş Holding's Chief Executive Officer

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