Preface: We Will Continue Technology-Driven Progress

Hello Anyone,

As the last quarter of the year is approaching, we, as the whole world, continue our struggle against the pandemic in a determined manner.

The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed many things in our lives. Especially in business life, significant changes continue to be experienced in business practices and expectations.

We are now in a period where companies that take a more proactive approach, produce fast solutions to expectations, and move forward with a focus on digitalization come to the fore.

Therefore, focusing on technology development in order to be able to take quick action against the innovations that the sector will need in the future and to produce solutions for the expectations of the future is of great importance in terms of not being caught unprepared for the new norm.

After this process, investments in digitalization and connected tools are expected to increase.

With this awareness, we have quickly adapted to the changing business manners brought about by the pandemic process, and we are focused on studies that will make a difference in the market by focusing on technology development.

As a company, our efforts to increase digitalization and efficiency especially in production continue. At this point, while implementing digital transformation step by step in our company, we are implementing solution-oriented and sustainable works for the adaptation of our employees to this transformation.

In this context, as Aktaş Holding, we will rapidly continue our technology development-oriented efforts in the future as we have done so far.

Because this has always been Aktaş's mission and vision.

Best regards,

İskender ULUSAY

Aktaş Holding's Chief Executive Officer

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