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Grand Prize to Aktaş Holding

Aktaş Holding, among the biggest companies of the world in the air suspension system production experienced a great pride by awarding with the price of first prize in the "patent -  useful model- industrial design " area by TAYSAD with R&D projects developed by its.

Aktaş Holding, having production facilities all across the world, with its products sold in more than 90 countries, having the largest product range of the world in the independent spare part group, has been awarded the most prestigious awards of the automotive industry with The projects carried out in R & D.

Aktaş Holding, according to the evaluation made among all companies member of the society by transporation vehicles supporting industrialists society (TAYSAD) continued her pioneering role in the sector by having first prize in the "patent -  useful model -  industrial design" areas.

Sahap Aktaş, president of the board of Aktaş Holding took the award in the name of Aktaş Holding which achived the leadership two years in a row in the same category. Aktaş who delivered the award from the hands of Fikri Işik, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology in the award ceremony performed in the 36th ordinary general assembly meeting of TAYSAD said "R&D activities have great important in the on behalf of the development of the countries. We, as Aktaş Holding, perform R&D researches with our leading role in the sector. This award is very precious for us."

Aktaş: "Our investments to R&D will continue".

Şahap Aktaş, stating that the studies of TAYSAD have great important on behalf of Turkish business world, said "We, as Aktaş Holding, reserve a share to R&D over the EU and world standards. Our team is young and dynamic. Here, this structure takes these successful results. These awards we won in this road we started with the target of world leadership in our sector motivate us more".

Sami EROL: "Aktaş Holding creates difference in her sector in whole world".

Sami Erol, member of the board of directors and chief executive officer of Aktaş Holding, who entered the award ceremony and made an evaluation related with the prize, stated that they work more every day to bring the bar of leadership higher which Aktaş Holding obtained in the sector in the evaluation he made.

Sami Erol ended his speech by saying that "Aktaş Holding makes business to create a difference in her area not only in Turkey but also inwhole world. We can bring this difference more forward with such beautiful development. The contribution of all stakeholders for having this award which is extrememly valuable for our organization and for the success obtained is very special and very important separately. While Aktaş Family progresses to the 2023 vision with sure steps, crowning her successes with awards will give honor, happiness and motivation to all of us.""

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