Durability & Quality – Twicepower

2 times more durable and more flexible structure
Rubber recipe allows extra heat transfer and keeps ozone resistance max
New perfectionist view by optimizing the distance between the cord fabrics in narrow tolerances
Facilitates air springs assembly to the vehicle
Totally the creation of Turkish engineers (AKTAŞ R&D)

Durability & Quality – CR Air Springs

Unique solution for high temperature working condition
Made out of Chloroprene rubber. 
Cord fabric coated with CR rubber.
High resistanance to heat (120 °C)
Moderate resistance to oil 


+2000 different types of air springs.
Government supported R&D Center
Certified by Dekra passing over 2.000.000 cycles test. 
3rd.biggest air spring manufacturer in the world
R&D share in the budget :%3.2
Co-designing support and customization for OEMs

  • Dispergrader
  • ALPHA MDR 2000 Rheometer / Montech RPA Rubber Process Analyzer
  • Density Measurement Unit / Zwick Shoremeter
  • Zwick Tensile Testing Machine
  • Montech RPA ( Rubber Process Analyzer)
  • Zwick Tensile Testing Machine / ALPHA MDR 2000 Rheometer / Montech RPA Rubber Process Analyzer
  • Bursting Test Machine
  • Lifecycle Test Machine for Cabinet Airsprings
  • Lifecycle Test Machine
A brand of Aktaş family
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