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Bus Air Suspension Spring

The bus air suspension springs were derived from the need for improving the driving comfort by absorbing librations, vibrations and sudden shocks in buses caused by structure of roads almost 50 years ago and the air suspension spring is used in almost all buses in Europe. We produce the air suspension springs to meet the requirements for more comfortable driving and more optimum loading on vehicles.

The type of spring generally preferred for buses and light commercial vehicles is the roll springs. The roll springs are the springs having ultra spring sensitiveness. They provide extremely comfortable suspension reaching high strokes without any increase in the operating diameter due to their long product lengths generally. The plates and pistons produced in appropriate diameter and conic form may be easily mounted and demount to/from these products with both connection necks being conic. However, the direction of the conic part with a narrow diameter must be mounted on the piston (axle-lower) and its direction with a wide diameter must be mounted on the plate (frame-upper) in the types produced in a conic form.

There are varied operating pressure intervals, connection heights, operating spaces, operating frequencies and lifting forces for different areas of use.

The air suspension springs in buses both ensures high driving comfort for passengers and enables to keep the vehicle height at the same and desired level during the travel. In addition, the air suspension springs allows for tilting and lowering the bus to enable passengers to get on and get off easily. It is generally required to mount two air suspension springs on the front axle and four air suspension springs on the rear axle.

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